Gnoza Knows It | When do campaign signs have to be taken down?


Question: Is there a deadline as to when campaign signs have to be taken down?

There is, or should I say there are, because the regulations vary depending on your location.

This primary season did not see as many campaign signs as there were in the fall, but there were some.

Different municipalities have different rules for their removal.

For example, in Susquehanna Township it's seven days from election day.

What happens if they don't?

The various campaigns must get approval to put up their signs. When they do so. they give a $100 deposit. They get that money back when they collect all their signs.

PennDOT has a different kind of take on signs posted on their property. They wait a week after the election to see who removes their signs.

PennDOT spokesman Greg Penny says the winners in last week's election will likely remove their signs quickly so they can keep them for the fall.

Penny says losing candidates rarely pick up their signs.

PennDOT will gather the signs that remain and bring them back to stockpile areas. I asked Greg if fines are ever issued, he says this is seldom done but it remains an option for really bad situations.

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