Gnoza Knows It | What was on City Island before the Senators?


Question, I heard that City Island before the Senators got there was not a good place to be. There was prostitution and drug activity going on there. Do you have any video of it before the baseball stadium?

Yes. We do.

FNB Field is beautiful, it was recently renovated in 2009. The original field was built on City Island for the team to start play in 1987.

They played minor league ball there from 1907 to 1952.

Before that, yes, City Island was known for its entrepreneurs that operated outside the bounds of the law in flesh and narcotics.

But is also had a bunch of concerts as well.

We dug deep into the archives to find shots of the north side of City Island before the ballpark was built in the mid 80s.

We did a fly-over. Not sure of the exact date on that, it was obviously before the stadium was built and some time after the Wright Brothers went airborne in 1903.

There were a bunch of big concerts on the site of the baseball stadium as well. This was Rick Ocasek. Played with The Cars.

There was a set of bleachers back then, but otherwise fans would bring their own seats, or just sit on the ground.

Bands would bring their own set up to perform.

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