Gnoza Knows It | Tackling the tricky street names in Harrisburg

Gnoza Knows It | Tackling the tricky street names in Harrisburg

One of the questions that I've gotten over the years and one that I've had myself: what is up with the pronunciation in some of the Harrisburg street names?

To the visitors and perhaps many of the residents, the street name looks like it would simply be Forster Street.

But that's not completely true, many, well most, locals say Foster. You drop the "s".

Or how about Verbeke Street? Nope. It's Ver-beck. The last "E" is silent.

Okay, and how about this tough one, Munch? It's pronounced Minnick.

And then there's the one that looks like Regina, as in John Cena, but it's actually pronounced Reg-i-nuh. Long "I" rhymes with North Carolina.

How on Earth did these pronunciations evolve? I asked the only man I thought would know, Jeb Stuart.

He says many times it was just easier for people to mold the world.

Stuart is the Preservation Advisor to the Historic Harrisburg Association. He says many of the streets, like Berryhill, Verbeke and others were named after prominent people in the early days in Harrisburg.

And more about the "R" word street. I have to side with the locals on that one. You don't hear the folks down south say North Caroleena? Do you?

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