Gnoza Knows It | Solving mystery of traffic lights, Doppler Radar

We would like to get your questions for the "Gnoza Knows It" segment but until then, I am tending to my own long, unanswered questions.

These tend to be issues that have stuck in my mind like traffic lights.

Nothing frosts my gourd more than sitting at a traffic light when no one is coming in the opposite direction.

Why can't they all be traffic sensitive? I've always thought PennDOT was responsible and I was finally going to call and give a piece of my mind until PennDOT Spokesperson, Fritzi Schreffler said, "PennDOT is not responsible for traffic signals. We get calls about them a lot.”

So PennDOT grants permission for the the lights to be installed but after that they have nothing to say about how they operate.

Schreffler also said, “If you think you’re sitting too long at one, you need to call your municipality to talk to them about it.”

And on to the next one of life's mysteries: Why does the Doppler Radar have to have those searchlights going through it? Steve!

"They actually are Doppler Radar sweeps and what they’re doing is they fire out short pulses of energy, picking up on precipitation that is in the atmosphere. They shoot it back to the radar site and that’s how guys like me can tell what’s happening in the skies," CBS21 Meteorologist Steve Knight said.

Remember, if you have a question you would like me to solve or just answer, you can reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter or our website.

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