Gnoza Knows It | Intercourse? Blue Ball? Bird-in-Hand? Who named these villages?


When you drive through Amish Country in Lancaster County you notice the colorful names of some towns.

Bird-in-Hand. Paradise. And Blue Ball, which incidentally is named after a hotel.

But easily the most famous of them all is Intercourse. Who is the clown that named that?

Not sure, but guaranteed whoever it is is dead.

The name was given in 1814, well before dirty minds became popular.

One origin story is that there was a race track in the area and the entrance to the trace was called entercourse, which later evolved into Intercourse.

And speaking of town names in Lancaster, there is the burning question of is it Kinzers or Kinzer??

That depends on whom you ask.

Let's check the maps, one says Kinzer and the other says Kinzers. So I went to check out the area for myself.

One business says it's Kinzers but so many others said it was Kinzer.

The Post Office says Kinzer, but it looks like the 's' might have been stolen.

A conspiracy.

Stay tuned.

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