Gnoza Knows It | How to sneak a work-out into your packed schedule


I had a question from someone about how they can actually stay fit without having any time to go exercise or go to a gym.

Well, here's an easy way to do it from the comfort of your own job.

The easiest way would be to walk at lunch, but what if you don't get a lunch a period. Don't worry!

The most important thing is you don't want to be busted at work for not working when you're supposed to be working, so, you have to find a place of refuge.

No one can question you for going to the bathroom -- But make sure you sell it by taking a magazine or newspaper with you!

While you're there, you can do deep knee bends. I recommend two sets of 10 to start out and increasing from there.

If someone notices you sweating when you come out, just give them a 'whoo' and shake your head.

Every office has a supply room and that's a great place to exercise.

Here's a great exercise -- Deadlifting copier boxes. It might be a bit advanced, so be careful. If you're caught here, quickly ask someone to help you carry a box to the other side of the building. They will likely tell you no and leave you alone immediately.

Hey, while you're here, you could get some tricep work on the door. One arm at a time -- You laugh now, but you will definitely feel it the next day.

You could also walk the stairs several times until someone notices you.

If someone does notices you doing this repetivitvely, just shake your hear and say 'I wish the boss would make up his mind.'

You could even do toe raises on the bottom step.

But what if the boss catches you doing these? Yeah, I don't know there. Good luck.

And a quick disclaimer -- If you get fired, don't blame me. YOU'RE the one goofing off at work.

If you keep working hard, you'll have those big biceps stretching the limits of that size small t-shirt -- Just like Tom Russell.

This is Al Gnoza, CBS21 News.

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