Gnoza Knows It | How to deal with mayflies and poison ivy

Both questions today deal with common spring and summer time problems... mayflies and poison ivy.

"Why do mayflies even exist?"

It's just a matter of time before those disgusting little things take over the area.

I called York County's own Ryan the Bugman for his take on mayflies. He was appalled at my suggestion to eradicate mayflies from the Earth.

Ryan the Bugman says that mayflies are a critical part of the food chain, that so many species above them rely on them to eat that we could not get rid of them.

Ryan says if you don't want the mayflies to bother you, turn off the lights.

So why are they such a problem at Harrisburg Senators games? Well, they spend most of their lives in or near the water. They actually only live for about 24 hours and don't eat during that time. They mate and then die, usually in the most inconvenient place possible.

"If I get poison ivy, can I spread it by itching?"

I called a doctor to ask him about this. And the answer is yes and no.

When you first come in contact with the oil, called urushiol, on the leaves and it's on your skin and then you scratch it, yes, you can spread that stuff all over.

But, once you get the blisters and rash on your skin and you scratch it, that oil called sebum, is produced by your skin and is not able to cause all the problems. That oil can hang around on your clothes forever, so wash that stuff when you're done. Along with your hands.

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