Gnoza Knows It | How long has the Chapel been at Fort Hunter?


What is the story with the Chapel at Fort Hunter?

It looks old but I swear it's only been there for a couple of years.

Well... you're right on both counts.

The Heckton Chapel sits on the southern most end of Fort Hunter land along Front Street in Harrisburg. It was built in 1885, but has only been at that location since 2009.

In it's original location the church had been damaged by flooding several times over and the folks at Fort Hunter had enough. They put it on a trailer and moved it up the road.

That also led the church to getting running water and a bathroom. There is no congregation that uses it, but it is used for weddings and other gatherings.


And I have an update on the Potlicker Flats story.

I said that the Mifflin County Historical Society said that there were a couple of origins as to where the name Potlicker Flats originated. They said the most common one was that it came from people there being so poor back in the day that they had to lick every last peice of food from the pots they used.

Well, a Potlicker Flatian as he calls himself, is grateful for the coverage but says the true origin of the name comes from the fact that there were several people on the side of the mountain that cooked moonshine whiskey in pots. They therefore created 'pot liquor.' And the spelling of liquor got lost in the translation and was morphed into 'licker.'

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