Gnoza Knows It | Hand sanitizer kills how many germs?


How about this letter from Summer from Hampden Towsnhip. She wanted to know why hand sanitizers say they kill 99.9% of germs instead of just killing all germs. And she wanted to know if that is accurate.

I went to Dr. Donny Peter-Fritts of Holy Spirit Family Medicine-Progress, who gave me some shocking and at times unsettling information on this.

He said that hand sanitizers are tested by putting germs on clear skin and then putting the hand sanitizer on that skin. And to answer another question, yes i still bite my nails.

In that very controlled setting, you're going to get a lot of those germs to go away. But in the real world we are going to get a 40 to 60% reduction of germs.

Dr. Peter-Fritts also says that different hand sanitizers are tested on different germs. So they all apparently don't kill the same germs.

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