Gnoza Knows It | Do multi-vitamins provide health benefits?


Some of the most pressing questions I have and I'm reasonably sure some of you have as well if you would ask them, are health concerns.

A big topic of debate is the importance of taking multi-vitamins. says for the human body to complete all the tasks it has in a normal day, it must be given a wide range of vital nutrients. It says a multi-vitamin, multi-mineral is the best way to get there.

Meanwhile, a study in the Journal Annals of Internal Medicine found that they did not work any better than placebo pills.

I asked Dr. Donny Peter-Fritts, of Holy Spirit Family Medicine-Progress, what he thought.

When my patients ask me about multi-vitamins, I tell them low-dose multi-vitamin is harmless. If they found a health benefit, that’s great. But I educate them that studies just don’t show that multi-vitamins can prevent cancer or heart disease or stroke.

Last week, Lara Greenberg asked me how I stay so buff. I told her that I take a pill every day, a multi-vitamin, multi-mineral pill.

I recently got a question, Al, what is the difference between a township and a borough?

“Think of a borough as a city-lite. Small area, having population and a form of government with a borough council and a weak mayor, no offense to the mayor, but weaker in comparison to a city. Now a township—bigger area, more sparsely populated. Much more square miles instead of mayor or borough council they have township supervisors.”

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