Gnoza Knows It | Did you know that there used to be an airport at Hershey Park?


I have this fascination and I know I'm not alone, with abandoned buildings or things that have rotted away and are no longer useful, kind of like my career. I think it's especially cool when you can see remnants of those things.

Did you know that Hershey Park had an airport?

(Old timers like Tom Russell and Robb Hanrahan probably knew this, but until recently Gnoza did not know.)

If you drive by Hershey Park you may notice a long paved strip that runs parallel to Hershey Park Drive. That is what is left of the old Hershey Air Park.

According to the website "Abandoned and little now airfields by Paul Freeman" the air park was built by Hershey Estates in 1944.

It originally had a grass runway but it was paved in 1963.

At its height it had six buildings on the premises, you can still see the foundations for some of the buildings, the parking lots and the only runway the air park every had.

It was closed by the Hershey Company in 1981, Paul Freeman's website says it was closed because it was not profitable.

And I know many of you saw this already, but here's an update on the fate of the Senate Plaza on the West Shore.

It has been reduced to a pile of rubble. The implosion occurred on Saturday morning and it went down in a matter of seconds in a huge cloud of dust.

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