Democrat vs. Democrat in York Mayoral race

Democrat vs. Democrat in York Mayoral race

One of the most interesting races in the area is the fight to become mayor in the City of York.

Current Mayor Kim Bracey is running for a third term while City Council President Michael Helfrich is trying to unseat the mayor.

It's an unusual race because both candidates are registered democrats. Helfrich won enough republican write-in votes in the primary to appear on the ballot. Bracey hopes her record is enough to put her over the top.

"We have a lot of great things going on right now and to even see a turn in our school district, with the governor support, what it only needs to continue momentum," said Bracey.

"Republicans voted for me because I am fiscally responsible," said Helfrich. "I'm going to bring down taxes. I'm going to run the city like a business."

Both candidates point to crime and lowering taxes as the cities two biggest issues.

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