Tips on how to save money this Valentine's Day


This year the National Retail Federation says the average person is expected to spend about $136 on Valentine's Day.

That is down a little bit from last year.

If you're looking to go find that gift, expect to see some good deals. Retailers are offering up bargains juast as they did during the holiday season.

But according to one financial planner we talked to skipping tradition could make Valentin'es Day way more special and save you money.

Here are three ides on how you can save some cash.

1. Cook dinner at home.

Get some steaks, make it together, that's an intimate experience and a date in and of itself.

2. Opt to stay in for a movie. The average ticket price is about $9, according to the National Association of Theater Owners.

Streaming services and businesses like Redbox can let you rent a movie for a fraction of the cost.

It's much more intimate, you made dinner and now you're snuggling up on the couch.

3. Skip the gift.

Think about intimate things you want to say to each other and write them down, make the card

If you're in a serious relationship or married Clark says to consider putting those savings away. Saving the cash for the future

And not everyone loves Valentine's Day.

A survey from Retail Me Not found that nearly three in four consumers say they find something stressful about dating or being in a relationship, especially millennials.

And many say they get stressed about buying their significant other a gift.

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