A breakdown of Trump's latest executive order to curb climate change

A breakdown of Trump's latest executive order to curb climate change

A new executive order by President Trump will roll back many of former President Obama’s efforts to curb climate change. The order is more about creating jobs. A local economist says jobs will be sustained, but not created.

"This Administration is here for deregulation and they are doing it all over,” said Indrit Hoxha, Economic Professor.

President Trump signed a sweeping executive order today at the EPA. A big switch from the Obama Administration.

"The action I'm taking today will eliminate federal overreach, restore economic freedom and allow our companies and our workers to compete and succeed on a level playing field for the first time in a long time,” said President Trump.

Times have changed. The President highlighting this is "the start of a new era in energy production" and protecting jobs is number one.

"One that celebrates American production on American soil,” said Trump.

The focus group is coal and continued coal production. Indrit Hoxha, Economic Professor from Penn State says this order will not necessarily create new jobs. It will however sustain the some 50,000 coal jobs in states. Coal though, is on the decline.

"Coal industry is going away because of the gas industry and technology improvements with fracking,” said Hoxha.

Coal strong and deregulation of clean air acts impacts the carbon footprint.

"We have to keep in mind that emissions have been going down for a long time now,” said Hoxha.

Now you can expect emissions to plateau under this new order. It represents a clear difference between President Trump and President Obama combating climate change.

"Obama Administration came up with so many regulations including the Paris agreement and the clean power act the whole idea to decrease these emissions,” said Hoxha.

President Trump says this order keeps our environment in check.

"This will allow the EPA to focus on its primary mission of protecting our air and protecting our water,” said Trump.

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