School District of the City of York: Substitute School Police Officers

Job Opening

Substitute School Police Officers

Location: To Be Determined

Salary $14.00 per hour

Posting Closes: March 10, 2017 at 4:00 P.M.

Job Requirements:

1. Law Enforcement, public safety, security and/or military background required.

2. Training in de-escalation skills and passive restraint.

3. Understanding of NIMS (National Incident Management System) and Crisis Management


4. Working knowledge/experience in Pennsylvania School Attendance laws.

5. Working knowledge of Pennsylvania School Code related to school police officers.

6. Pennsylvania Act 120, Basic Act 2 or Act 235 training preferred.

7. Pennsylvania Act 34 Clearance, Act 151 Clearance, FBI Clearance, Drug Testing (self-paid).

8. Letter of Interest, Resume and Application.

9. Submit educational transcripts.

10. Valid Driver’s License from any U.S. state or territory.

11. Certifications or prior knowledge or experience using non-lethal force equipment.

Performance Responsibilities:

1. Take the Oath of Office as a School Police Officer.

2. Enforce all York City School discipline and attendance policies.

3. Enforce all Pennsylvania Crimes Code Summary violations.

4. Enforce all misdemeanor and felony violations of the Pennsylvania Crimes Code by detaining


5. Maintain a working knowledge of all Federal, State, school, and departmental protocols and

procedures through periodic continuing education.

6. Possess the ability to contend with or respond to physically resistant or combative individuals.

7. Maintain a safe and secure environment in the building. Balance the need to protect students,

staff and property with the desire to create an open environment that remains conducive to


8. Contact and/or assist local law enforcement and emergency personnel when needed or while

present on school district properties. Serve as a liaison between the two organizations.

9. Maintain an open line of communication and cooperation with the York City Police Department.

10. Supervise and evaluate Hall Monitors.

11. Assist in providing security and control student behavior in restrooms, hallways, on property, at

school events, and at other areas as assigned.

12. Monitor the hallways for proper identification, (e.g., Hall Passes for students, Visitor Passes for


13. Retrieve students from various classes as requested by teaching and administrative staff.

14. Remove students or adults from property as requested by local school and administrative staff.

15. Monitor proper operation of fire systems, intrusion systems, rescue assistance systems, elevators

and phones, emergency generators, along with notifying facility personnel in the event of system

malfunction or failure.

16. Secondary individual to respond to alarm or trouble signals from each system.

17. Enforce parking restrictions and issue traffic and non-traffic citations. Monitor citations issued.

18. Participate in court hearings and matters of prosecution as requested by law.

19. Report all unauthorized usage of buildings and properties to the School Police Chief and building


20. Approach and question individuals to determine authorized access and removal of those who are


21. Assist District staff with security-related problem students and adults.

22. Provide traffic or crowd control for specified events.

23. Monitor surveillance equipment and direct staff when and where needed.

24. Participate in all departmental training and continuing practical education as required.

25. Maintain strict confidentiality regarding matters involving students or District employees.

26. Perform other job related tasks as assigned by the District School Police Chief.

The Human Resources Office must receive a written statement of interest in this position by 4:00 P.M. on

March 10, 2017.

Non-Discriminatory Policy

The School District of the City of York does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religious creed, ancestry, age, familial

status, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability. The policy or equal opportunity and treatment applies to every aspect of

School District operations and activities, including admissions and employment practices.

This policy shall be made known to all persons and organizations associated with the School District of the City of York, to all

Educational Placement Services, the Pennsylvania Bureau of Employment Security and all recruiting sources.

Any student, parent, employee, or citizen who feels that they have been denied because of race, color, religious creed, ancestry,

age, familial status, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability fair treatment or access of equal opportunity in any aspect of

School District operations or activities should contact the Title IX compliance Coordinator, Robert Bernhard or ADA and Section 504

Coordinator, Dr. Linda Brown, Administration Building, Post Office Box 1927, York, PA 17405, phone number (717) 845-3571

The School District is an "Equal Opportunity Employer."