Get Up, Get Out | How to watch the solar eclipse in Pennsylvania


On Monday the sun and the moon are giving us a reason to look up. A partial solar eclipse will happen on Monday afternoon, but you do not want to look directly at the sun to see this amazing sight.

Here are some easy ways to see the solar eclipse, without hurting your eyes.

"You do not want to look directly with sunglasses or nothing on your eyes," said Cosmic Mike, senior astronomy educator at the North Museum of Nature and Science.

If you do look right at the beaming sun, you run the risk of damaging your eyes.

Can't find a pair of solar shades?

There are some options.

A quick DIY project you can do so you don't miss the first partial solar eclipse to be seen in our area since 1994 uses only a cereal box.

"This one is covered with aluminum foil. And took a nail and made a pin hole this hole is a viewing window. Use the box make sure the sun is behind you. If you have it aligned just right. You can see that bright projection," explained Cosmic Mike. "Your location is going to determine what you see."

Want a completely free way to see the solar eclipse? Find an old postcard and punch a hole in it. Then point it in the suns path and project it on a plain white image. When the eclipse happens. You’ll see about 75 % of that hole disappear.

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