Get Up, Get Out | Geocaching

Get Up, Get Out | Geocaching

Walking is a great way to get exercise, and now you won't get bored in the process.

Geocaching is one way to get those feet moving while having a purpose - so step outside and open those eyes. It's time to see something you've probably walked past a dozen times.

Local geocacher Mike Stewart said, "You are looking for something someone has hidden. They can be as small as a little button micro button."

Becoming a geocacher is as easy as downloading one of the many smartphone apps. It will take you to an area, and an arrow in the app will point you in the general direction of where you need to go. Just dig around the grass and just like that you are in the game.

Some of the caches are harder to find than others, but the app or GPS if you prefer will guide you right to the desired coordinates. Finding them doesn't cost you a thing - all you have to spend is some quality time outdoors.

"It's a good feeling to get out," Stewart said, "Feeling of accomplishment."

There are over two million geocaches hidden around the world. We're told there is even one hidden in outer space.

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