Get Up, Get Out | Ephrata Library scavenger hunt


In this week's Get Up, Get Out we are visiting a library in Lancaster County.

During the summer months the Ephrata Library offers a scavenger hunt that takes you to a local parks and rail trails. If you find all of the destinations you can even win a prize.

"We just want to keep people moving. we don't want kids on their screen all the time," explains Penny Talbert, of the Ephrata Public Library.

Ephrata is on the go, 'Go Ephrata' allows kids and their families to explore area parks. It was created by the Ephrata Public Library and it's in its third year.

"It's not just about feeding your head at the library. you also have to get out there and work on fitness," says Talbert.

Here's how it works:

First visit the library and pick up your papers.

Then hit the rails and find a post with a logo. Just bring a pencil and make your mark.

"This year the theme is build a better world. we have an airport and a police station and we have a fire station. there's a museum," explains Talbert.

There are 16 markings in total for you to find this summer. If that seems like a lot no worries you’ve got a little under two months to find them all.

Don't live in Lancaster County? There are multiple go programs and there may be one near you.

"There's 'Go Lebanon' so you can finish the one in Ephrata and then you can sign up for the Lebanon and visit parks in Lebanon, as well," says Talbert.

You have until Aug. 12 to finish the scavenger hunt in Ephrata. When you find and complete all the markers , just bring your papers back to the library and you'll be entered to win the grad prize.

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