Get Up, Get Out | Central Market York


Getting up and getting out doesn't have to mean throwing on sneakers and going for a run. Sometimes it can just mean getting out of the house. So why not visit some of the local farmer’s markets that are rich in history.

Home grown, fresh baked and made with love. That's what Central Market in York is all about.

"Anything you are hungry here you can get at the market," says Cindy Steele, the C.O.O. of Central Market York.

"They have a lot of different good foods here," says customer Eileen Erdenbrack. "Nice and friendly."

That's no exaggeration, walk around the nearly 130-year-old building and you'll see burritos, oranges, apple dumplings, even ham salad.

"We have a super good mix, candy, candles, fruits and veggies, meats," says Steele.

Or my favorite, something ooey and gooey for the sweet tooth.

"This is our peanut butter insanity cookie: peanut butter cookie with smashed peanut butter cup pressed into it," explains Joe Tregaskis, Goin’ Nuts Peanut Butter Co.

The aisles at Central Market are perfect for filling the fridge while getting you out of the house. Plus, take the kiddos with you on a trip that's both fun and educational.

There are a handful of outside stands at Central Market but the bulk of the shops are inside, away from the sweltering summer sun.

"It’s a staycation place you can travel around and it makes you feel like you are in some other place," says Steele.

If you don't live in York there are two other great markets, you can check out: Lancaster Central Market and the Broad Street Market in Harrisburg.

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