Get Up, Get Out: Blue Zone Fit Circuit


With all these Get Ups and Get Outs, you may not have realized that I'm not the most active person.

But even I can get out and do some of the workout stations here on front street in Harrisburg, but to show you how they really work, I wanted to bring a special guest, so this week we're seeing if Gnoza knows how to get me in shape.

Feeling the burn is part of Al Gnoza's daily routine, but for me the word "crunch" is the name of a pretty delicious candy bar. not a workout.

That's not to say i don't get up and get out, I'm a walker, I go for walks everyday

So this week, I'm getting out of my shell and learning from a fit friend of mine.

We are hitting the Blue Zone Fit Circuit, located right along of the river on Front Street.

Even a beginner can shine here. There's no shame in sloppy a sit-up or body curl, as long as you are trying.

Al and I also made some new friends, who sweat it out on the Front Street work out stations daily.

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