Get Up, Get Out: Backyard Camping


A family camping trip can bring you close to nature but it doesn't mean you have to go deep in to the woods.

Getting up and getting out doesn't necessarily mean you have to go very far, sometimes it can just mean taking a trip to your own backyard. This week all you will need is a quick pop up tent and a fire.

First we set up the tent, which only took a few minutes.

Next the fire, I've already got my backyard fire started. But now it's time for dinner, one of my favorite treats when camping with my family and probably one of yours to -- of course are hot dogs.

No fire pit, no big deal. Just pick up one of these metal rings at your local hardware store and a couple of cans of Sterno and you'll be cooking in no time.

Now I'm sure there are other campfire desserts you can make but in my opinion it just wouldn't be camping without making some s'mores.

And just because dinner is over doesn't mean you're camping trip has to be over too. Just invite some friends over and hang out by the fire while the kids hang out in the tent and play some games.

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