Get Up Get Out | Your how-to guide for Adult Sport Leagues


Dodge ball... it's not just for kids anymore.

"It was always fun growing up and playing sports and after you graduate college you kind of miss that," explained Mackenzie Bender, Communications and PR Manager of Spooky Nook Sports.

Forget how to play? No worries, here's your guide on how to do it.

"What's the number one rule for playing dodgeball? Don't get hit, haha that's gonna be a hard one."

"Basically you're just gonna throw dodgeballs at each other if someone catches the ball you threw you're out."

"If you get hit by a ball someone through without catching it without it bouncing first you're out."

"Last team standing wins."

Tired of getting hit in the face then why not try kickball instead.

"I can't be too bouncy or too far away from the plate for the pitcher."

"Trying to kick it as hard as you can and run the bases."

Adult sport leagues are about more than just a work out, it's also about building a bond only teammates would understand.

"Sitting behind a desk all day and talking is a lot different than pelting a coworker with a dodgeball."

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