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In the Operating Room

Written by: Joel D. Smith

The operating room can be an intimidating place, especially on your first day on the job like it was for Dennis Rivera about 10 years ago.  He says, "It was very scary I must say".

Rivera is now an anesthesia technician at Harrisburg Hospital.  "Basically assist the anesthesiologist, and make sure everything they do runs nice and smoothly."

He runs the anesthesia machine.  It's a big, interactive computer, that helps keep patients alive.

This is the type of job that can change in a heartbeat.  Rivera says if things turn bad, "You will catch on to that immediately.  So your adrenaline starts to pick up because you know things are getting sticky."

Staying calm and focused is key for this job, and so are good people skills.  Also, you better be able to handle the sight of needles, incisions and blood. 

Rivera acknowledges it's not for everybody. 

Here are the vitals on this job:  

      -2 years of health related experience is preferred and eventually you'll need to pass an exam.
      -Jobs are available now.
      -Average starting salary, $16 an hour.
In the Operating Room

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