Community Services Group


Community Services Group

Come join CSG families who hold the promise for children who dream of being loved and belonging…

by sharing your heart and home.

CSG offers many opportunities for you to get involved and provide support and encouragement to children. Our programs vary to meet a child’s needs. We offer weekend breaks (respite care), foster placements for children with emotional and or behavioral concerns, and help in finding permanent placements such as guardianship or adoption.

With the help of families like yours, we provide placement and treatment for children as they face their individual challenges, find their families, and feel the joy of belonging to a family. CSG families offer safe and nurturing homes where children can reach their potential. CSG foster parents provide support, encouragement, reassurance, self-worth, and most importantly love.

Our foster parents provide a ray of hope in a world otherwise shadowed by issues that may be dangerous to a child’s physical and mental health and play an important role in shaping a child’s life to build relationships that can last a life time.

Come help us fulfill our mission and our promise in supporting children. CSG has the right option for you.

? Community Residential Rehabilitation Host Home (CRR-HH) Services

? Foster Care Services

? Adoption and Permanency Services

? Respite Services

Community Services Group

2330 Vartan Way, Suite 204

Harrisburg, PA 17110

For questions, call 877.907.7970

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