Heading back to class means getting up-to-date vaccinations

CBS 21

It’s hard to believe but over the next two weeks, kids are set to head back to school. That means it is time to look at vaccination records and getting everyone back on a schedule.

It’s that time of year, the summer is winding down and the school buses are heating up. It’s back to the books.

“It is exciting. We are ready,” said Eastern York High School principal Tim Mitzel.

But before the work begins, the kids need to be ready for the new year. That readiness starts with having the proper vaccinations.

“There are a lot of vaccines that are required going into kindergarten but then also 7th grade is a big time frame for other vaccines,” said MinuteClinic Nurse Practitioner Stephanie Boyer.

For incoming kindergartners, four vaccines are required, Hepatitis B, the TDAP (which is Diphtheria), Tetanus and Pertussis, Polio and MMR.

For 7th graders, the TDAP and Meningitis vaccines are key, while some doctors recommend a shot to try and prevent HPV.

“Tetanus, Pertussis, all of those are extremely important,” Boyer said.

Besides being prepared with vaccinations, talking about good hygiene is a good idea this time of year. Things like deodorant, body washes and hand sanitizer, all of it going a long way towards making sure kids are healthy.

“Especially kindergarten and first grade, make sure they know to wash their hands before they eat or after using the restroom,” Boyer said.

Finally, getting back into a routine by adding a little structure and set bed times, will go a long way towards making the transition back to school easier.

“Get to bed at a decent time and do that at least a week before you get to school so that it's not so difficult to get up the first day,” Mitzel said.