Before the Bell: Hi-tech helmets protect local football players

CBS 21

Football season is here.

But as kids get ready to take the field, there's a new concern for their safety. Exeter School District is tackling the problem with some new technology.

Their new Riddell helmets monitor the impact from the hit on the field.

"Obviously with the crowd roaring and everything after a big hit you're pumped up and five minutes later you might not be OK," said Brett Moyer, a senior defensive end.

The school is shelling out $55,000 for about 150 helmets. Tom Legath the school’s athletic director says it’s a small cost when it comes to safety.

"We strive to be first class and the best at what we do and this is just one of those small little steps that takes us to this level," Legath said.

CBS 21 News got a good look at how these helmets work. Inside there’s a little box that indicates when a player takes a hard hit. The information goes straight to the athletic trainer so they can do the proper tests to make sure there’s no head injury before the player is released back into the game.

"The thing that's nice about these, it might pick up something we might miss. It's not diagnostic by any means but it at least alerts the proper channels to make sure that we're taking kids that could be at risk and making sure they're evaluated," Matt Bauer, the Exeter head coach, said.

Players also tell us it gives them a little extra confidence on the field.

"In lack thereof better words I feel like it brings more of a swagger to us knowing that I'm such an aggressive game and everything we don't have to worry about my heads messed up we have to come out for a concussion or we have to get concussion protocol. We can go full til every single play," Brett Moyer, senior defensive end, said.

"With the new helmets we know that after every play we can just go as hard as we can and know that our safety is always a number one priority," Ryan Konopelski, a junior tight end, said.